Koryu Camp

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Six years in a row we were building the image persistently of our „Summer Ninja Camp“. The attendance, the dynamics, and the quality made this event legendary and well-known for a short time.
But now it is time to climb higher. From now on we are growing into an International „Summer Koryu Camp“.
Summer Koryu Camp
Spend this summer with us in our koryu camp. We guarantee you that you will never forget it. Located in an ideal clean and ecological environment, 25 kilometers from the nearest town, in the valley of the mountain Lipac, 150 meters from the river Kriva Reka.
In our camp:
– we sleep in the dojo, and two tents are available for the fans of the open sky
– we have two training sessions daily + research expeditions, night ninja actions, samurai battles
– we consume healthy food, three home cooked meals prepared traditionally per day, from domestic and local products
– two sweet snacks are included, fruits and vegetables freshly picked directly from the garden
– camp fire is lit, followed by a guitar and songs; showers are taken under the bright sky; a swim in the river; stargazing in the night
– outside latrine; jokes and acting
For the participants from abroad, we organize a meeting at the airport and a free transfer to the camp.
Nine days – eight nights for 180 euro* (all included)
* (transportation from Skopje and back + accommodation + food + training + unforgettable company)
– departure from Skopje on 04.08.2016 at 09.00 o’clock (arrival at 10.00) 
– return for Skopje on 12.08.2016 at 18.00 o’clock (arrival at 19.00)
Only our dojo works in August.
Change the everyday biorhythm and spend one unforgettable and different summer with us.
Subject for 2016:
 Takagi Yoshin ryu Jutaijutsu / Tenshin Shoden Katori Shinto ryu Bujutsu
e-mail: daito_macedonia@yahoo.com
e-mail: bujinkan_macedonia@yahoo.com
tel: 00389 (0)75 564 011 (from 09.00 to 15.00)
P.S. All those who are not interested in training at this camp, but want to spend time with us or enjoy the healthy food and the clean air in the valley of the river Kriva Reka, can take participation too.