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Our teacher for Daito ryu Aikibudo, Antonino Cherta shihan, on 18-19 April (2015) will hold a seminar in Macedonia. The seminar will be open to all practitioners of Japanese martial arts, regardless of style or title.

As is already known, sensei Certa is teacher of instructor Igor Dovezenski, who, in turn, is representative of our country for the international organization DaitoKai. Certa Shihan each year comes in Macedonia, in order to transfer a portion of his knowledge of this ancient and noble samurai martial art, in the same way as he studied from his teacher Tokimune Takeda in legendary dojo Daitokan in Abashiri (Japan).

Anyone interested in this event, can contact Igor Dovezenski (shidoin) via e-mail:

Theme: Sankajo

Teacher: Antonino Certa Shihan

Time: 18 – 19 April, 2015 (Saturday and Sunday from 11-13 pm / 16-18 pm)

Place: Taiyou e no Michi (Hombu Dojo)