Ninja Camp

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Are you bored every summer to go on vacation by the sea? To plan where, when and with who? To spend lots of money, and still Your memories to fade away quickly?
Spend this summer with us in our ninja camp. We guarantee you that you will never forget it. Located in an ideal clean and ecological environment, 25 kilometers from the nearest town, in the valley of the mountain Lipac, 150 meters from the river Kriva Reka.
In our camp:
– we sleep in the dojo, and two tents are available for the fans of the open sky
– two training daily are held + research expeditions, night ninja actions, samurai battles
– healthy food is consumed, three home cooked meals prepared traditionally per day, from domestic and local products
– two sweet snacks are included, fruits and vegetables freshly picked directly from the garden
– camp fire is lit, followed by a guitar and songs; showers are taken under the bright sky; a swim in the river; stargazing in the night
– outside latrine; jokes and acting
Is it enough? Do we have your attention?
See why Bujinkan Macedonia is a leader for outdoor seminars and survivals.
Would you like to take someone with you? Someone who likes to rest and not train?
No problem. He can play chess 🙂       (cards too, or read a book)
For the participants from abroad, we organize meeting at the airport and free transfer to the camp.
Nine days – eight nights for 160 euro* (all inclusive)
* (transportation from Skopje and back + accommodation + food + training + unforgettable company)
Have you had cheaper and more exciting vacation? We don’t believe You!
– departure from Skopje on 04.08.2014 at 09.00 o’clock (arrival at 10.00) 
– return for Skopje on 12.08.2014 at 18.00 o’clock (arrival at 19.00)
Limited capacity, so we follow the principle: First in – first acquired or „the early bird catches the worm“
Apply on time or you will have to go and roast on some sunny sea beach.
Summer 2014 – Train like a man!
Only our dojo works in August.
Subject for 2014: Gyokko ryu Koshijutsu + kenjutsu + kodachi
tel: 00389 (0)75 564 011 (from 09.00 to 15.00)
Starting from 2015, we grow into an International “Summer Koryu Camp”. 
Here is a summary of the topics that we worked over the past years: 
2009 – Koto ryu Koppojutsu
2010 – Shinden Fudo ryu Dakentaijutsu
2011 – Gyokko ryu Koshijutsu
2012 – Togakure ryu Ninjutsu
2013 – Kukishinden ryu Happo Bikenjutsu
2014 – Asayama Ichiden ryu Taijutsu
2015 – Shinden Fudo ryu Jutaijutsu