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Titles / Shojo / 称号
Every dojo or every organization has established its own system of grading or titles (degrees).
Bujinkan Macedonia Dojo
– shoshinsha (beginner, 10th-9th kyu)
– kohai (younger student, ward 7th-3rd kyu)
– sempai (older student, mentor 2nd-1st kyu)
– shidoshi ho (younger teacher, above shodan)
– shidoshi (teacher, above godan)
– shihan (master teacher, judan)
Daito ryu Macedonia Dojo
– deshi (student, 6th-3rd kyu)
– uchi deshi (personal student, 2nd-1st kyu)
– fukushidoin (assistant of the teacher, above shodan)
– shidoin (teacher, above shodan)
– shihan (master teacher, godan)
Katori Shinto ryu Macedonia Dojo
– deshi (student, keppan)
– shidosha (techer, menkyo)
– shihan (master teacher, menkyo kaiden)
We should mention, that in all our dojos, a high standard is kept for grading Your knowledge and awarding titles. Unlike many third class organizations and clubs, which (unfortunately) lately turned the martial arts into businesses, and compete for new members, literally sell diplomas and titles, in our Organization there is a strict criteria that is consistently respected. 
Due to the strict rules and regulations, our members acquire quality knowledge that corresponds to their title, and that leads to the great respect that the best world organizations and teachers nurture for our Organization.
Instructor Dovezenski about this says:
– „To get to the master title in our Organization, you need years of hard work and great effort. I do not gift certificates and diplomas for friendship, smiles or material gain. Only the skill my students will acquire is important to me. I brought the traditional martial arts in Macedonia and it is my place to take care of their reputation. If you really want to learn koryu, you are welcome in this dojo. If you want to buy a diploma, title or to progress fast, find another club. I will gladly give addresses where to go to. Lately many of those multiplied“.