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According to the dynamics of the trainings, we divide the year to two semesters. The first starts in January, and the second in September.
Anyway, you can apply in all dojo or sections of the organization Taiyou e no Michi throughout the year.
The first training is free and serves to get to know the people and the art that you chose to train, and through it you can feel the atmosphere of the dojo that is really important. 
Checking in for free training or applying:
Bujinkan Macedonia (ninjutsu) – 072 307 442
Daito ryu Macedonia (daito ryu aikibudo) – 075 564 011
Katori Shinto ryu Macedonia (Japanese sword combat and classical weapons) – 075 564 011
For training the martial systems in the sections – 075 564 011
You can apply by our e-mail too: