Shinobi Taiso

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Shinobi Taiso® is a system created by the leader of Taiyou e no Michi, Igor Dovezenski, with the goal of bettering his own condition needed for the everyday koryu trainings. It is consisted of various exercises for stretching, as well as exercises for strengthening and building muscle endurance.
The system itself is an aggregate of the traditional techniques for increasing the mobility and strengthening the body used in the classical martial schools. In different ryu-ha, the techniques are known for the names: Junan Taiso, Junan Undo, Ryu Tai Undo, Ki Undo, Junbi Taiso and Aiki Taiso.
The experience of Dovezenski gathered during the 25 years of training of koryu bujutsu, along with the research of the latest science findings from the field of condition training, including the research of the human anatomy and biomechanics (researches the mechanical phenomena and processes in the living organisms), led to the creation of Shinobi Taiso*.
What was the need for creating the system? 
During the many years leading the dojo, instructor Dovezenski noticed that some warming-up exercises didn’t fit and didn’t contribute to the increase of the condition of some type of trainees. To that effect, he started researching and collaborating with people that ore occupied in that domain, starting from condition trainers, to physiotherapists. Thus, he realizes that every body shape is unique and he needed a different approach for conditioning.
In 2011 (November), from a fall of a cliff during free climbing, shidoshi Dovezenski underwent a spine and pelvis injury, and the doctors gave concerning prognosis for his future and the possibility of continuing the training. Determined never to give up from the martial arts, Dovezenski did not follow their advice for a full stop of physical activities and started researching the work and functioning of the human organism more deeply. With the help of Shinobi Taiso, he managed to overcome the pain that followed him through training and in a short time to regain his mobility and to carry on with his everyday trainings successfully. 
As a part of Shinobi Taiso, from the beginning of 2012, a section was opened that’s dedicated only to those who belong to the gentler sex. The group is called Kunoichi Taiso and is led by sempai Nela Dovezenska.
At first developed for himself and for his students, Igor Dovezenski decided to offer this system to anyone that is interested to increase their physical condition and to better their health through training.
* Shinobi ( 忍 ) – a person specialized for various unconventional ways of combat, later known as the Ninja.
* Taiso ( 体操 ) – strengthening the body.