Ninpo Ne Waza

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The Dojo for classical Japanese martial arts „Bujinkan Macedonia“, always dedicated a great attention on Ne Waza* – techniques for combat on the ground. In the arts inherited from Takamatsu, these techniques are most prevalent in Takagi Yoshin Ryu and Shinden Fudo Ryu. Many of the kata of these two schools end with strangling techniques and using levers in sitting or lying position. 
In the time of the medieval samurai, combat on the ground happened rarely, but there were situations during the battle, when the warrior would have lost his weapon. If he was stumbled to the ground, the survival depended solely from the skill of using your own body or the barehanded combat. In that situation, knowing the techniques for combat on the ground or in lying position was of a key meaning.
Followed by those findings, shidoshi Dovezenski since 2001 started researching thoroughly the kata from the schools of Bujinkan that contain that way of combat, with purpose to gather the best Ne Waza techniques and to systemize them in a catalogue that his students can practice. At the end of 2009, instructor Dovezenski finished his mission, and at the beginning of 2010 held a seminar where publicly presented the system Ninpo* Ne Waza®.
What does Dovezenski say about this system?
– „When I decided to catalogue a system for ground combat, I wasn’t led by the desire to create something new or something mine. Soke Masaaki Hatsumi always said that his skills needs to be adjusted to the time and the culture that we live in. In fact, I didn’t invent anything, but used the techniques from the schools of Bujinkan so that I can respond to the ways of combat that are characteristic for the time we live in. We all know that for the medieval Japanese samurai Ne Waza was the last resort, although times change, so today’s combat frequently ends on the ground. For those reasons, I decided to systemize the knowledge of the Japanese martial arts in one system that I called Ninpo Ne Waza“.
* Ne Waza ( 寝技 ) – combat on the ground. 
* Ninpo ( 忍法 ) – the way of the ninja.