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Outdoor seminars are a trademark of our Dojo for classical Japanese martial arts Bujinkan Macedonia and of the organization Taiyou e no Michi long ago. No one can claim that has more experience than us, for the fact that so far we’ve had organized more than 300 events of this type.
The outdoor seminars are a great opportunity for the students to enrich and test their knowledge, as well as to increase their psycho-physical condition. Among other things, they allow the students an interaction with the five natural elements (godai), as well as reaching harmony with nature.
The benefits we get from nature should be mentioned, such as: clean air, natural humidity and sunshine. The open space, far from the city surroundings, allows sharpening of the senses, improving the health condition, purification of the body from the toxins…
With participation in an outdoor seminar, at least one day you will forget the free radicals, positive ions and negative emissions, caused by the urban everyday life and electronic devices.
(To follow the outdoor seminar announcements, visit our website frequently: http://www.bujinkan.org.mk/index.php?lang=eng)