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The Organization for teaching traditional Japanese martial arts Taiyou e no Michi, in 2012 built its first traditional Japanese dojo in Macedonia, also first on the Balkan Peninsula.
The Hombu* Dojo was built in an ecologically clean environment, with personal funds, without donations. To achieve his dream, instructor Igor Dovezenski bought land in the valley under the mountain Lipac, 62 kilometers away from Skopje, and with the help from his whole family, brick by brick, following his own blueprint, and with his own hands, built the dojo from scratch.
In the construction were used materials that fulfil the highest environmental standards. The dojo is consisted of 100 m2 training area on the ground floor (with tatami) and 100 m2 for accommodation on the first floor.
In the Hombu Dojo, the organization Taiyou e no Michi has regular training during the weekends, and in August, the well-known Summer Ninja Camp is organized and held there.
  • Hombu = headquarters, core